Tips For Bunk Bed Safety

Many kids love to use bunk beds from because they offer a little adventure, along with more space in their bedroom to play. Although kids may see these bed bunks as a fun place to sleep and an adventure when they get to climb up a ladder to their top bunk, they also have their dangers. Before letting your child use their bunk bed for the first time, it is important to sit down with them and explain the rules of the bed so that they don’t get hurt. Ask your child to repeat what you have said so you are sure that they understand. Here are the basic safety tips to avoid any injuries in your children’s bunk beds.

I will begin with the top bunk safety. When putting together the bunk beds, be sure that you have a mattress that fits perfectly. The top bunk is usually a twin so only use a twin size mattress. Do not use a mattress that is more the 8″ thick. The guardrails that are on the top bunk are designed to accommodate up to an 8″ thick mattress. When you have a mattress that exceeds this number, there is a greater risk of the sleeper to fall out of bed because the guardrail is ineffective at preventing these falls. Another tip is to always use the guardrails on every side of the top bunk. Never allow any child that is under 5 years old to sleep on the top bunk. Children under 5 usually don’t have a sense of safety yet and may take them a few more years before being cautious enough to be able to sleep that high.

Teach your children to use the ladder properly to get up and down from the top bunk. Be sure that you get a ladder that is designed to support the specific weight of your child. Teach them to hold the ladder with both hands, facing the ladder, and slowly go down, or up, using each step securely. Not all beds will hold a lot of weight so read the manufacturer’s instructions and do not go over the recommend weight. Caution your child to never jump on the top or bottom bunk. This can cause the entire structure to weaken and maybe even fall. Of course, jumping on the bottom bunk will cause you to hit your head on the top bunk.

Place the bunk beds tightly against a wall to prevent the children from getting stuck in between the two. Regularly check the ladder and guardrails to be sure that they are safely secured. Tighten any loose screws and always make sure that the structure is strong. Do not let things hang from the bunk beds. This can cause children to fall or even the chance of being strangled. Monitor your children when they are playing in the bedroom during the day.

Take the tips above to increase the safety of your bunk beds. Explain these tips to your children and be sure that they understand. Bunk beds can cause some dangers but if they are used correctly and cautiously, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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